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To the Drop of gold, we always felt at home there, as did our tourists, journalists, partners and friends.

In its own way, even if it does not yet bear the label, the district of Goutte d'Or is also a village, a Parisian village, an autonomous village, which is teeming with resources to highlight.

It is a territory that has always presented itself to us as such as its seemingly sprawling architecture conceals little treasures when we know how to get lost or let ourselves be guided. And what can we say about its inhabitants and businesses, always offering you a warm welcome, entertainment, laughter and above all unequivocal mutual assistance. To the Drop of gold , you will always find someone to help you with a broken door, the loan of equipment, a recommendation, advice or simply to chat.

In all this, we recognized notions that resonated with the idea of ​​the village in Africa: a community, an ecosystem, a landmark, a place of worship and ceremonies, a place of creation, crafts, care, well-being, a place of retirement... Notions that have guided our project from its conception in our minds, well before obtaining the keys to the vessel, to the financing and up to its aesthetic development. Our programming is colored by it, our daily actions, our rhythm.

By setting up there this year with our culture center and store-gallery concept, Little Africa Village, a place which takes its name from the whole community philosophy of this atypical district, we want to unite, to discover, to tell, to explain, to make known, to invent, to co-create in this space events and products which have meaning.

Do you want to be part of it?

We will be delighted to welcome you.

Jacqueline NGO MPII

Founder and CEO of Little Africa

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